Vocafusion, the first Vocaloid con in the Philippines was held last May 20, 2012.
I was invited to be a part of the Vocapanel, where me, Haru-P, Eyes-P, and Rerulili-P discussed about song making (though I only said a few words AHAHA -shot-).
so I woke up at 5 am, went to church, then to the bank, breakfast at Chowking, and headed to SM to take the bus.

At exactly 12 pm (or was it 12:30?) I finally arrived at Trinoma, met Ritz, Kuro, Xephy and Shock (who are waiting for me for like an hour or more ahha -shotshot-).
okay let's just skip some details lolol.

So we finally arrived at the venue and there are like a lot of people in their costumes!
saw Vinar in the entrance, he is a cool dude, I tell you *A*. and Parugs, he's making sure the place is neat, he is a hardworking man *__*)7 *salutes*.
Inside I can feel the heat of the event, there are a lot of people inside! *__* so we went to take a sit near the stage and there's Yoru, That-san, and Minchan as the judge for the singing contest!
Then we found Kenta in his Gumo(?) (guy Gumi) costume, Shiki's there too.
Ken and Acchan was there too in their costume! Cher and Chii arrived, Yoru joined us and we had an awesome bonding moment with him!. Clark was there too! he was like "O__O apol!?"! he was with his sis, he is a very energetic man XD! then we met Silver, Ehmz and Lemon Silver and Ehmz are so cool *A* and Lemon's so cute and cool too xD!

from left to right Kenta, Shock, Cher, Ritz, Minchan, Xephy, Me, Shiki, Kuro, Rei, Yoru. Photo by Clark 8D

ohh man lol I feel like I'm writing a diary o_o lol
anyway, umm so I bought Rerulili's CD and asked for his sign *__* omg Rerulili looks cool and awesome, and he is so tall o___o!!
I wanted to buy Osamuraisan's CD but I didn't brought that much money ;__;
That-san's so cute when he speaks tagalog haha! his "Bili na kayo (buy now!)" and "Kiss mo ako (Kiss me)", so cute *A* he is like so talkative xDD!

So many thing happened omg, there's dance contest, voice acting contest and more.
Vocapanel, me , Haru-P, Eyes, and Rerulili discussed about how Vocaloid works and song making process. Meet and greet with the guests where they signed my album cover I bought! *A*

Rerulili's CD with his sign + That, Osamuraisan and Yoru's sign

There are band performances from Error 505 with Yuri and Janelle as their vocalists, Asterysk where me and Clark are headbangin' while they play Magenta and Omoide Kakera, and Anibeat Rocks, awesome performance!

Osamuraisan also did a live performance, together with That-san. Osamuraisan is awesome! he's like sparkling and shining while playing the guitar haha! and That-san's voice is perfect!

We also had a chance to sing with them! we had an awesome "Smiling" chorus live!
it is an honour to sing with That-san and Osamuraisan (yeahh! he sang with us!), Lemon, Minchan, Yoru and more!

"Smiling together, we'll be together!!~~"

and thennnnn, picture taking timeee!! woot /o/!!

me and everyone
Me with Clark's sis, Yoru, Ritz, Rerulili, That and Osamuraisan (I have to cover his face)

More pics!

and More!!

it is a great experience, one of the happiest day of my life haha! and maybe one of the best con I attended (I don't go to con that much -shot xD)

ahumm so I think that's all ahah omg bye bye see you on VF 2 /o/ -shot-

new entry.. after a long time lol, new songs! new updates~!

sooo, lately, I was busy with some stuffs, and I'm so lazy to update my blog HAHA
anyway I am sharing my original songs that I wrote!~

◆Me and My Friend Unicorn

I wrote the lyrics of this song while I am in a call haru.
so she said "let's write a song about unicorns for tune", so I grabbed my guitar and randomly played some chords. Then later that night, I made the instrumental, mixed the vocals and made the video, and tadaaaa, it is a uniporn.!

◆Waiting For You

After a "weird" song, I made a serious one. The song is based on my experience from the first 2 weeks of haru's departure. I dedicate this song to her, she is really important to me.

◆The Revenge

LOL a "scary" song after a sweet song? 8}!
this song is about a girl, who is a victim of abuse and violence, seeks revenge!
this is the first time I made Luka scream (actually the second time LOL).

◆Liar's Reward

THIS song, is my very first song I finished!~ and that.. that awesome animation was made by Yoru. isnt't that awesome!?! *__*! this song is very similar with "Liar's Reward" (you know, that yandere Luka, killing people and stuffs lolol), except that it is about a girl, and her boyfriend, who lied to her and two timed with another girl. then one night, the girl... just listen to the song -shot-


A collarbonation with Kenta, who wrote the lyrics, drew the pictures, and animated the video!! this song is based from the "collarbone" twitter meme (originated from Himuro's dp lolol).

◆Poison and Divide

a collaboration with EmpathP.
She wrote the lyrics for me ;A;, thank you so much Aki!! so this song is my very first original Japanese song uploaded on Youtube and NND!
the song gained a lot of views on Nico and Youtube ;w;~ thank you!

sooo, for now, that's all what I have on Youtube!~
I want to thank the following people who helped me on my songs!
* Yume - Illustration for "Uniporn"
* Alice - illustrations for "Waiting For You" and "Poison and Divide"
* Kaoru - illustration for "The Revenge"
* AyaMizuno - illustrations for "Liar's Reward"
* Yoru - PV for "Liar's Reward"
* Kenta - Lyrics, Video, Illustrations for "Collarbones"
* Aki(EmpathP) - Lyrics for "Poison and Divide"
* NeutrinoP(Vocalekt Visions) - GUMI's vocals for "Poison and Divide"

also, watch out for my future songs!
right now, I am writing a new song and making a rock arrange for PONPONPON!~

here are some previews,

Amnesia - Chorus Preview

The Rain Will Never End Intro

Stranger - (pre-breakdown part, rough mix)

PONPONPON rock version, preview

...you can just visit my soundcloud LOOL
here: http://soundcloud.com/apolxcore

oh oh! and btw I have a page on Vocaloid wiki *A*!
hereee amg http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Apol

haha, that's all! see you again for the next update!

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Genre : Music


Haha, my blog is alive again!

oh my god. it's been a long time since my last update of my blog haha.
been busy lately >.<
okay so here are the stuffs I finished since the last update.

here's my "Suki Kirai" duet with my haru! <3
this was uploaded for valentine's day!~

also, my "Gemini" duet with her~
yay we're 1 year already! this is for our anniversary~
more years to come! <3

and here, our chorus of "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari"
this is for haru's bday!! belated happy birthday hun!

also, here's our band cover of k-on's ed, "No, Thank You!"
band members are:

Drums: Tsun-Tsun Aska
Bass: dere-dere Pliskin
Rhythm Guitar: Moe-Moe hi6go7
Violin: the real moe-moe kyun, Jobofish
Lead Guitar: Kawaeee Aporu..ke?
Keyboard/Keytar: Uke-Uke Kopan

haha kawaiii daysoo -shot-

oh and I am done writing an original song!
yay! I'm working on a new one right now xDD
here's a full preview of my song

this preview is the first mix (I remastered and re-mixed it~)
I'm waiting for Aya to finish her illustration,
so Yoru can finish the PV *A*!!

oh and, I have a new channel: http://www.youtube.com/aporudesu
I upload my non-vocaloid related stuffs here

my first upload from my other channel, this video is old! XD

ok, so for some other stuffs:

we're watching some really cool animes lately haha
from Nichijou, to AnoHana, to Inazuma Eleven and more haha!

guys, watch Inazuma, it's awesome!
you can catch us spamming twitter with inazuma love !

Nichijou is the most funniest anime I watched this season haha
I still can't get enough of this scene:

hahahaha best scene ever!

AnoHana is beautiful! it's sad, and the story is interesting! ;A;
if you want a beautiful drama, you should watch this,

ahaha ok Idk what to say anymore, that's all! I guess? 8D!
see you again on my next update!

ohoh I have time to update my blog! hurrahhh!!

hello everyone! /o/
its been a long time since I updated my blog xDD
I've been busy these past days, so yeahh xDD

here are what happened on the past days:

bad news.. 2nd sem started OTL
I wish there is a longer sembreak >.> -shotforbeinglazy-
my schedule for this sem is quiet, good, I guess xD
perfect schedule for a part-time job *kira kira* /m/>uO)**

oh! and thank you everyone for supporting Banana Kurimu!!
we made it on the next round!!!

the next song is Glow, which is the theme, and everyone will do it xDD
I'm excited to see the other choruses *w*!!
good luck everyone, let's do our best!

ooh oh! and this,

last week was me and my haru's 7th monthsary 8D!!
woahh 7 month was so long @A@ and our love is getting stronger >////<
we had a duet of Long Distance Love, it fits the situation we're in xDD
I love you so much hun <3 *kisses* I miss you ; n ;

oho, next next is

belated happy birthday to Piri/Shock and Yuuri 8D!!
I sang Renai Circulation acoustic for them, XDD
please take a listen xD

and, Im done making my instrumental for the 5th song im writing xDD
it will be a screamo song 8D!!
here, listen to my preview:
^click that xD it is unmastered though ;D

hmm I guess that's all /o/ see ya again
oh btw if I don't reply (or reply late) on skype, I maybe be busy doing my homework, or maybe im watching anime, or recording, or mixing etc xDD
so, sorry for not replying/late reply ;D

New Stuffs and Announcement xDD

last week, I uploaded our bnd version of Listen!! from the anime K-on!!
its been like, 3 months since Kopan and I planned to make this band cover xDD
so yeah here is the video:

the members of the band are:

StrangeJam - Guitar
Apol - Guitar
Fujioka - Bass
Kopan - Keytar
Maboroshi/Jin - Drums
Chiru - Vocals
Kurin - Backing Vocals

and the video reached almost 2k views in its first week *w*
thank you very much everyone *A*!

okay and next is, I am writing a song!!!
so far I'm done with 3 instrumentals, and 2 lyrics xDD
I'm still writing the notes on the Vocaloid xDD

and! I am looking for 3 illustrators and animators!
1 illustrator per PV xD

for more info, check this LINK <---- CLICK!

and I want you all to watch this!:

and I really enjoyed singing it XD! <3
*A* <3 thank you hun for the duet ready ehee <3
I love you >///>

and that's all from now x3 see ya~


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•I love cats

Skype: apolxcore
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