100 reasons why I love Haru so much

i-its my turn to write something about Haru here in my blog,
>///< I-I got this idea from you so.. I hope you will read this >///<

why do I love Haru?

1. she's so reliable!
2. she's active, xD
3. she's so hyper and full of energy!
4. she makes me happy especially when we talk
5. she always makes me laugh xD
6. I feel safe when I am with her
7. we're both gamers xD
8. she sings very well *o*
9. she is so adorable!
10. she is so cute *u*
11. she always share her problems to me
12. she is smart!
13. she is so sweet in a unique way *o* <3
14. I believe in her, and she believes in me... we're believers -shot-
15. we eat fro yo together! we used to sleep together!
16. we both love sisig! xDD ahah
17. she always complete my day <3
18. she bully me in a good way lolwhut <3 xDD
19. she is my first.. first kiss, first date etc
20. she's my first girlfriend who reached 6th months
21. she is my wife, <3
22. she listens to all of the things im saying to her, even if its random xD
23. she is a good friend to others x3
24. she can cook and bake! I love her cookies she made for me <33
25. she can draw awesomely <3
26. when she's online, im the first person she'll talk to >///<
27. she accepts me for what I am, even though im so manly and buffed -shot-
28. I love plushies, she love plushies, we love plushies \ o /!
29. her kisses are so sweet o///w///o
30. im comfortable talking to her
31. she's a bright person
32. she's talkative
33. her voice is so cute yet sexy >////<
34. she's pretty o////o
35. we love the same things xD
36. and we have the same thing, like couple rings, Rin/Len plushies, key chains etc
37. she showed me the world outside LOL! AHAHA
38. we always text and call each other
39. she cares about me
40. she's always there when I need her (I always need her! I cant live without her >////<)
41. I am her only love <3
42. she knows a lot of languages
43. she makes me believe that not all girls are cheaters
44. she never leaves my side
45. she always tell me everything on what is happening everyday
46. she never bring me down
47. when she say it, she'll do it
48. she always support me on my decisions
49. we love the same manga ;D
50. she always update me on her activities
51. she is a good sister on her sibling
52. she's competent
53. she never keeps a secret
54. she thinks before she act
55. she likes cute things x3
56. she loves animals especially dogs
57. she's the reason why I am still singing
58. she's my inspiration in everything, school, singing etc
59. I learned to travel to Manila because of her xDD
60. she's my first priority
61. she knows what is best
62. she's so real, everything she say are true
63. she's always there when I need help64. she don't let anyone hurt her or her friends
65. she always laugh, when she laugh, I laugh xDD
66. she is like the light of every convo, without her the chat is always dead
67. she is friendly
68. she is cheerful
69. <-she also loves this number
70. she is intelligent
71. she worried about me
72. she sent me a letter, my first love letter >////<
73. when she have free time, she spend that time with me >////<
74. she never cheated on me, and I know she wont!
75. she's a hardworking student
76. she has a lot of fans! I am her #1 fan x3
77. her energy can make everyone happy, x3
78. when we date, she always hold my hands and we always kiss >///<
79. she's not boring, when I am with her, everything we do is fun xDD
80. she really loves me >////<
81. she keeps her promises and grant it
82. she's honest,
83. she loves teasing me xDD
84. she always grant my requests
85. she's going home early to chat with me
86. she loves to sleep xD
87. she understands me
88. she never let go of me
89. she forgives me immediately when I do something stupid
90. she makes me believe that long distance relationship works

OKAY, last 10, this part will be cheesy so..yeah >////<

91. She is the air I breathe. the reason why I am living, without her I'll die, I cant live without you.
92. she made me believe on myself. I was a shy-type person before, then after I met her my confidence boosts.
93. she showed me the world outside(I think I said this?). I dont usually go outside before, I always stay inside of my room, but after I met her, I always go to Manila just to meet her.
94. she makes me feel safe and she really cares about me. it feels so good when you know that there is someone caring for you.
95. she is so special to me. like when I am talking to her, everything around me is bright and happy.
96. she makes my heart beat.
97. she made believe in love again. I am being cheated on before, but then she came, she showed me that not all girls are cheaters.
98. I miss her. she promised to come back here in the Philippines for me.
99. She always put a smile on my face. Im always happy when im talking to her,, and when I am with her. I always forget about problems.
100. and lastly, I love her because she is my Haru, she is the person I want to be with forever.

>//////////////////////< OMG why so cheesy *turns red*
I-I-I-Im so red OMG >/////<
b-but anyway hun, thank you for loving me!
I really love you >////<
promise me you won't leave me alone, >////<
I want to be by your side forever! I LOVE YOU!! *kisses and hugs*

All of the things happened this month xDD

so. im blogging while im taking a break from making the nameplates for our Chorus Battle
entry (which is Sigre, please keep on supporting us! 8D)xDD

it seems that I've become busy lately,
*cough* school *cough* exams *cough*
and I haven't uploaded any guitar covers as well ;w;
(I cant record using my webcam ;w;)
but I covered hmm 5 songs this month (wow that's too many xD)

Torinoko City

For a Dead Girl+

(this is for Crescence's birthday and Haru's first month on Canada xD)

Pierrot Acoustic Version
(this is for Ritz and Chi's birthday)


Fire Flower
(for me and my Haru's 6th monthsary, I worked so hard for this cover to make it sound good for Haru x3)

okay next is about my exams, hmm
I hope I did well -shot-
but seriously, Calculus really kills me D8
and yeah exam's done, and its sembreak 8D!!!
yayyy more time to chat hoho, and cover songs xDD
ahaha yosh im going to reply on my profile comments and video comments soon,
but I will work for the chorus battle first xDD

oh and i am writing songs too, so there will be no guitar tabs from now, ;w;
and ah here is a preview from the new song im writing:
*~*~---> CLICK HERE <---~*~*
I will master both instrumental and vocals once I'm done with the whole song xD

then, our(me and Haru) 6th monthsary 8D
well, hmm I'll do my best to make the next monthsary better!
and lots of surprises xDDD
I love you so much hun! i can't live without you *spams kisses* <3

next is, Haru uploaded a new video 8D!! yay!!
its been a month since her last upload D;
so many of her fans missed her voice, ;w;
here is here duet ready cover of Matryoshka:

sing with her! she's amazing x3
I'll make a cover of mine using her vocals *o* <3
oh and sorry for my bad mixing and encoding ;w;

okay so I think that's all I need to tell xDD see ya all again on my next update :>


Ah! its been a long time since I updated my blog D;
sorry I've been busy with school works OTL
but next week will be the finals exams so after exams will be
the 2 weeks vacation YAY 8D!!

so far Calculus is still killing me, and Entrepreneurship too (business plan defense OTL).
I really need to work hard for it, OTL

ah and Im busy writing songs, I finished 2 instrumentals
already, and this made me stop making guitar tabs ;w;!

anyway, for YT related stuffs,
Banana Kurimu Chorus made it to the next round YAY 8D!
thank you to all of your support!
We're working hard for the next chorus!
our next song will be Sigre 8D!!
please support us! x3

then I think everyone heard it that I am redoing most of my covers xDD
so far I already recorded 3 songs x3
here are the songs to be redone~
1. Palette (done)
2. Fire Flower (done)
3. Hope
4. Saihate Acoustic (done)
5. Magnet (+ Yaoi scenes -shot-)
6. [S]
7. Lost Story
8. Final Reason
9. Tengaku
10. Psychopath
11. 1925
12. From Y to Y (this will be next year, I need to improve my vibratos D: )

.... I noticed that I am redoing MOST of the covers I uploaded! xDD

and uhmm ah! yeah here is a chorus for JSR's bday

Yami's mixing is awesome *A* I love it,
and Happy Birthday to JSR and Pan! x3

soooo yeah that's all, see you all this vacation x3! -shot-



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We are Bananaクリーム (Banana Kurimu),
and we're here to compete against the other choruses,
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we make sure that the submitted vocals are good,
making the mix sounds great,
and making the video wonderful

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See You Again, My Haru

Sept. 14, 2010, 9:00 am, Haru left the Philippines to live in Canada,
she told me about this a long time ago,
I never thought that this will be hard for me to accept
that Haru will live far away from me,

yesterday, Sept 13, is her last day here,
me, Ritz, Suroy, Shock, and Kana joined her and we have a lot of fun,
from eating gyudon in a Japanese restaurant, games/DDR, etc.
we enjoyed that day, but we didn't ordered fro yo and sisig, which are
the food that Haru and I always buy,
then we went to SM North Edsa to change her money,
but I left earlier cuz there are no buses at 7 pm onwards,
before taking a taxi, I hugged Haru tightly, and cried,
I told her everything I wanted to say to her,
then we waved goodbye,
it was a long night, I am still crying in the taxi and bus,
then I went home, I texted Haru, she said she's going home,
while I'm waiting for her, I uploaded my cover for her,

then she came home, eat, while she's eating,
I sent her the link as an offline message,
and then we talked on skype,.
suddenly, I heard her crying, which makes my tears flow again,
we talked about for the future, no more movies together,
no more fro yo together, no more sisig, etc, no more sleeping at the same time, texting more often,.
we promised that she and I will be together forever, no matter how far,
and she promised that she'll come back,.
then, we went to sleep together for the last time,.

Sept 14, the day of her departure,
I woke up at 5 am, and texted her,
she's on the airport that time,
I called her, and we talked for hours,
then, they announced, at 8:30, they're getting on board,
then we dropped the call,
after a few minutes, my tears suddenly flow,
I can't stop my tears from falling,
I called her for the last time,
and i told her how much love her,
while she's walking her way and hearing her cry while talking,
more tears are flowing through my eyes, then together we said
"goodbye, take care, I love you"
...the call dropped,

I am hugging the Len plushie she gave me while I cry,
I am remembering those days when im with her,
those are the greatest days of my life,

thank you Haru for coming into my life,
no matter where you are, you're always in my heart,
I will love you forever, take care,have a beautiful life in Canada,
I'll wait for you, see you again next time!

P.S. I'll wait for your text/call!


Hi, I'm Apol
•Vocaloid Producer
•Cover artist
•I love cats

Skype: apolxcore
MSN: apolxcore@hotmail.com

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