randomness \ o /

yo! im here again /o/
so yeah, tody is monday, the first day of the exams is done yay \ o /
*yay no more Calculus ;w; <3*

ah, last saturday night, september 4,
Me, Rin, Kurin, Fruu, Kishi/Gay, and Mong played Wildones
(a Worms, and Gunbound like game on facebook) while on a skype call
it was fun! we're like laughing, screaming, talking while playing xDDD


okay that's all for today, I need to study now, see ya /o/

Busy Busy Week OTL

uguuuu its exam week next week ;___;
so yeah I might not be able to go on skype, MSN, YT etc.
sorry I haven't replied to profile comments on my YT page,
I will reply after exams :3
so yeah take care everyone /o/

Enis gathering + 1k subs! ~

yoohoo, im here to blog again XDD

ah before anything else, here is a mixdown of my Okiagare naiyoo cover with Haru's cover:

Last August 29, another Enis gathering has been held at SM Mall of Asia,
Me, Haru, Rei, Shock and Pat met at Trinoma, and we ride on a train *O*
(its my first time to ride a train XDD)
it took us 30+ minutes before we arrived at the last station,
then we hired a taxi to go to MOA,
when we arrived, the other Enises told us that they're at the Pizza Hut.
(they even gave us a take-out-pizza yay <3)
we saw Suroy, Kana, Shiki, Ritz, and Kanis at the Pizza Hut,
we went to the food court to eat, we ordered a bucket of chicken,
and a cute extra rice (LOL)
oh and the cashier told me "Miss Apol, here's your change" LOL!WHUT! im not a girl XD
after eating, Kuro arrived, she is so hyper lol!
then we decided to walk and we bought some gelato yay *O*

then, we head to Comic Alley and we saw this huge Domo-kun stuff toy
(seriously, its huge XD)
after looking for some anime stuffs, we decided to go to Timezone to play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), but there is no DDR over there OTL
then, we went to a walk and then rest.

suddenly, Rei's mom called, Rei started to panic and cried,
Haru and I left the group and sent her to the transport terminal,
(it was an adventure, srsly like we ride on a train, run on the mall etc XDD)

so after sending her to the vehicle, Haru and I went to Trinoma
to eat our dinner, we ordered Sisig and Sizzling Porkchop <3
then after eating, we bought a tub of Frozen Yogurt <33
then, we saw Shock and Pat,
and then we went home,
its almost 7 pm that time, and I arrived at the bus station at 7:30 pm
then, we kissed and waved goodbye =///////=

that's all for the Enis gathering!

ahh! btw here are the pictures:



ZOMG 1k SUBS!!!!
*insert scream/yell/squeal here*

I can't believe I'll reach 1k ;w;
thank you everyone for your support,
I will keep on practicing to become better!

so meanwhile, here is my cover of Romeo and Cinderella
as a sign of my thank you to all of you <3

ack I guess that's all,
cya next time.. OMG I have to get ready, exams tomorrow OTL
*poofs out*

This Month is ♥♥♥

Hi! I'm here again /o/
I'm going to tell what happened this month <33

aside from the Enis meet up I posted before,
Haru and I went to Trinoma again for a date *O*

August 14
my first date with her,
(only me and her, no other people involved XD)
so when we arrived at the venue,
I asked her to eat lunch XD
we ate at Chowking XDD
next, we went to the cinema and watched "Inception"
its action though, no romantic scene OTL
aha so after we watched, we went to eat frozen yogurt *O*!
then went to buy tons of snack XDD ahah
then we ate our dinner which is SISIG *A* <33
ohoho <33

and before 21st, i made a chocolate for her XDD

melting the choco bar


It looks weird OTL
when I added milk, it turned dark XDD

then, August 21st, our (me and haru) 4th monthsary o/////o
I melted made a chocolate for her,
and she baked me some cookies =/////=
(her cookies are so good *O*)

before we went to sleep, I uploaded my Little Traveler cover for her,
ah we're on call that time, and she told me that she like it and cried (awww so cute <3)
then we went to sleep cuz tmr is the day <33 XD
so... August 21st, we went on a date at the same venue XDD
so as usual, we took our lunch, movie (Cats vs Dog ftw, she likes dog so much <3), and arcade /o/! she teaches me to play Technika XDD
and other rhythmic games XD I suck at any arcade games OTL
then we bought a phone keychain, a teruterubozu one

then we ate a huge tub of frozen yogurt *///w///*
then.... *//////*
OMG SHE'S SO CUTE <3 I'm always staring at her face *o* <3

so next is, we uploaded our cover "Okiagare Naiyoo" today 8D
she's so cute zomg *O*


P.S. we always sing this on our date XD
I guess that's all,
the end~ 8D cyaaa /o/


new update finally lol

Sorry for not updating my blog! LOL!
i became so busy with some stuffs OTL
so yeah! here is what happened before
(hopefully I can recall what happened in the past month/weeks)

I received a letter from Haru! weeh *happy face*
(sorry no pics, my printer's scanner is being gay)
the letter smells like Haru's hand (LOLWHUT jk)
her handwriting is so cute =//////=
and lol! I like her "porn pic" which she drew,
yeah she drew a naked stickman LMFAO

Prelims! omfg finally its done yay /o/
I can relax for now, -shot-
luckily I passed it owo)b

YAY the band cover for When the First Love Ends is finally up!!
you can watch it here:

GJ everyone!!


Enis is the skype group consisting of Filipino fandubbers from YT 8D
and we had a meet up at Trinoma, last Sunday, August 8 2010 8D!!
I met Suroy, Xephy, Kanis, Shock, Ritz, Saku, Silver, and ofc my Haru <3
(OMG Haru is so cute ;//////;)
we all eat at the food court of the mall, and we ordered 2 KFC bucket meals 8D
*nomnomnom* *////*

After we eat, we decided to watch a movie, but the next movie is at 4 pm
and Xephy have to leave at 4 pm, so we just went to redbox karaoke.
but before that we waited for 3 pm, so while waiting, we went to Timezone and play some arcade games 8D!
some played Tekken, Haru and Ritz played the a dancing game like chu chu smth lol, while me, Suroy and Ritz played the Rock band/guitar hero like game XD
(I realized that I suck at arcade gaming OTL)

and before we went to RedBox, Silver arrived bringing a huge fork and a sword LOL 8D
so at exactly 3 pm, we karaoke'd all the way till 7 8D!

most of the song we sang are like from, Lady Gaga, Justin bieber, M2M, HSM, SPice Girls etc
(LOL but why, why do i know how to sing these songs OTL)

ah! and Suroy can screamo! LOLOL! GJ Kuya Suroy /o/
oh and my Haru can sang an epic Aegis song!
8DD <3
ehe so while in the karaoke, Haru and I are in the corner,
I gave her a silver necklace... and we kissed o/////o
asdjaslkdhaskgfhsab o/////o
my. my heart skips a beat when i kissed her o////o
hwaaaahh, <3
I love her so much ;////;

okay so after that, its 7pm, and we went home ;___;
before leaving, an we group hugged, and waves good bye,
(and kissed Haru again *____* <3)

so yeah, thats what happened last Sunday <3
it was a lot of fun!!
ah! pic pic!

OKAY that's all I guess ehe
see ya again! /o/


Hi, I'm Apol
•Vocaloid Producer
•Cover artist
•I love cats

Skype: apolxcore
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